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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Thinking About a December Gift

December is fast approaching. Most employees are just not excited about the holiday feels but most of all, they are looking forward to the 13th month pay or bonuses that they are going to receive for the approaching month.

I, unfortunately, is not too excited about December. This is perhaps one of the disadvantages about working home-based. No mid-year and 13th month bonuses and no HMO. 

My full time employer did not give us bonus last year. So I am not expecting that our boss is going to send us one this year. Well, I am hoping he would. I might as well ask him after a month.

Just in case he will consider, I might buy myself a gift from guitar center christmas sale. It's about time to replace my old guitar. I am not too inspired to play the old one anymore because I get a lot of callouses on it. I need something easier to pluck and strum. Well it's about time for me to go back to singing and playing guitar and post some of my video in Youtube. Let the online portal become my stage. :)

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