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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Saving and Not Spending Too Much for the Big Day

My fiance and I have been saving our money for the BIG day. Well, I really don't want to spend all our savings for just 1 day. What I'm really excited about is to be able to buy the furniture I need for our little home.

We have pretty much the most important appliances and furniture but we are missing a couch for the living room, chairs, cabinets, a frame stand for my guitar, an extra bed and home a lot of home decors. Just imagine how much it will all cost.

I hope and pray we would be able to save more money than spend a lot of it for the wedding. I'm not really wanting to have grande wedding. I just want my family and friends to be there on that day. I'm hoping for a nice wedding and a budget wedding at the same time. I'm keeping my fingers crossed until the Big day! :D

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